The Foundational Documents

The United Methodist Church has a foundation of doctrine which all of the members of the church follow. This is known as the Articles of Religion and Confessions of Faith. They also have their own standards of doctrine based on Wesley’s Sermons and Explanatory Notes. In the Articles of Religion, it contains a total of twenty-four articles known also as the basic statements of belief. Since John Wesley came from the Church of England, he also adopted some from their articles and these became standards for preaching.

The Articles of Religion which is a total of twenty-five became the official statement of belief of the entire United Methodist Church. Aside from the Articles of Religion, the church also use the Confessions of Faith that consists sixteen articles. The members of the church also follow the General Rules. These rules were created by the founder to help the members live a faithful life as a member of the church especially for those who were just newly converted into a Methodist member.

The General Rules became like a contract which is effective right after a person became a part of the church. There are three basic categories for these rules. These rules are for the members’ good and if they follow these rules, they can have a holy and faithful way of living according to the church founder. John Wesley had his own sermons and notes on the New Testament and the preachers use it to teach the members about basic beliefs.