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John Wesley Trivia Quiz

This quiz was handed out at Annual Conference 2003.
Here are the questions.  Brief answers can be found at the bottom of this page. 
More detailed answers can be found HERE.

John Wesley

1. What was John Wesley’s middle name? 
2. Who was “Old Jeffery?” 
3. What did Wesley’s parents call him? 
4. What traumatic event in his childhood made his mother think his life had a special calling? 
5. When did Wesley dedicate his life to God because he said it was impossible to be “half Christian?” 
6. Who started the group nicknamed the Holy Club, or Bible Moths, or Methodists? 
7. Why did Wesley go to America? 
8. What was the name of the ship that brought Wesley to America?
9. Where did Wesley live during his two years in America? 
10. Why did Wesley start preaching outdoors?
11. What issue caused the separation of George Whitefield and Wesley? 
12. What musical instrument did John Wesley play?
13. Where did Wesley deliver a sermon when his father’s church refused to let him preach?
14. To whom did he marry and when?
15. What was Wesley’s suggested cure for baldness?
16. What was the physical appearance of this great man?
17. What was the subject of Wesley’s final letter (2/24/1791)?
18. What were Wesley’s final words?
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 Brief Answers that appeared on the John Wesley Quiz Handout

1. Benjamin 
2. the family “poltergeist”, as named by his sisters 
3. Jack, or Jacky 
4. he was rescued from a fire in the nick of time 
5. 1725 
6. Charles Wesley 
7. He wanted to prove his own faith by evangelizing the Native Americans 
8. The Simmonds
9.  Savannah, Georgia 
10. churches wouldn’t give him the pulpit, so he followed Whitefield’s example of preaching outdoors 
11. predestination vs. free-will 
12. flute 
13. outside, standing upon his father’s tomb 
14. widow Mary Vazeille, 1751 
15. rub with an onion twice a day till red, then rub with honey 
16.  almost 5’6”, 120-130 pounds, long hair 
17.  his opposition to slavery 
18. “Farewell”
More Detailed Answers