History of the Church

All churches have its own history. This includes the founder and the time or year it was established. The United Methodist Church also have its own history. In April 23, 1968, this denomination was formed. Through the unification of The Evangelical United Brethren Church and The Methodist Church, this denomination was formed. In the United States, Methodism began 1736. Both John and Charles Wesley started it. It is good to know about the roots of this denomination and trace its developments. It actually have an agency that preserves its history.

John and Charles Wesley are brothers and both of them served as priests in the Church of England. When they volunteered as missionaries in 1736, both of them were discouraged in the end due to some reasons. They wanted to promote social change. This is why they gave sermons about new birth. In order to have a reformation in the church, the two brothers continued with that goal. This denomination which began in America did not receive any support from England. At that time, there were leaders who were appointed.

Lay preachers were sent to America and all throughout the nation. They also held the church’s first conference in Philadelphia. A system of regular conferences were also discussed. Nowadays, the United  Methodist Church can be found in many different countries in almost all the continents. Before this denomination was finally established, it actually had a very long history. The path was not easy at all until it can stand on its own and become an organized religious organization.