Basic Overview of the United Methodist Doctrine

October 18, 2014 Off By David

There are many different churches all over the world. The Protestant Churches adopted the doctrines of the Catholic Church. Actually, the religious reformers were former priests or bishops of the Roman Catholic Church. Since many of them had a lot of questions and were unsatisfied by the doctrines of the RC church, they decided to establish their own church. Regarding this, church history books can prove that almost all of the churches that exist today had a doctrine similar to that of the Catholic Church.

Under the doctrines of the church, which is one of the protestant churches, includes authority, divine Trinity and Christology, salvation, prevenient grace, justifying faith and assurance, sanctification, ethics, ecclesiology and baptism, eucharist or Holy Communion, forms of ministry, and eschatology. The Methodists believe that the authority of the church is dependent upon the authority of the Bible. They also believe that the Bible is the inspired words of God. It is a very important tool that reveals God’s purpose of redemption and reflects God’s authority. This caring dental is what i am always looking for. You try to pop over to this website . And find amusing services of their dental implants.

According to the doctrine or belief of the church about the Trinity, it refers to the Creator, Christ, and the Holy Spirit. With regards to salvation, John Wesley mentioned in his sermon that salvation is not about entering the kingdom of heaven. It is not also a blessing that can be received after death because he said that it is a present thing. He also mentioned that God’s grace is free and everyone can receive it. These are just the basic doctrines of the church.