The Founder and the Denomination

Each church have its own founder. For the United Methodist Church, it was  founded by John Wesley. This religious organization have the mission to to spread the good news from the Scriptures or the Bible. This denomination is also known as “the connection” which is actually its central concept. Thinking about any system or organization, the best thing to do is to keep it organized. This is why the founder did its best to develop a “connectional” system for them to accomplish their mission in unity.

This denomination’s local churches is trying to do their mission as well as ministry with the help of other organizations. They believe that a local church can do more if they do something together not just alone. There are conferences being held in order to group the people and also churches for the decision-making. Through such conferences, the founder believed that both the leaders and the members can know and realize the grace of God. The conference is also regarded as a spiritual discipline.

The so-called “connection” have each level where all of the members including leaders do some conversation or also called conferencing. In that way, both can discuss freely any issue, especially if it is very necessary to discuss about and to discover the will of God for the church. There is also the General Conference which serves as the primary legislative body that speaks in behalf of the churches. This happens every four years to discuss about the mission of the entire United Methodist Church.